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Is this Potty Progress?

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Five days ago my mom decided to start potty training my dd (28 mos). I made a potty chart, bought some stickers and dollar store 'rewards' and we began. She gets a sticker for every time she tries, she also puts a sticker on her chart for each attempt, handwash, etc. When she actually tinkles on the potty we let her pick a prize out of the basket. I wasn't sure I liked this method but decided to give it a shot. My mom spent most of the first 2 days working with her (DD is more cooperative with her than with I!) and thinks she is doing great.

We set the microwave timer about every 25 mins (depending upon how much she drinks) and run into her potty to 'try'. She seems pretty excited to do this and to wear her panties. This was our main get her excited and feeling proud about this. By using the timer, we often have 'successes'. Sometimes she asks for the prize, sometime not. We always do a happy dance and have some special one on one time right after (and during, reading LOTS AND LOTS OF BOOKS). She often chooses to wear the panties now over the diaper if given a choice.

I guess I am asking, IS this success? Do I keep going? It's been 5 days and only ONE time has she actually told me she had to go. Surprisingly, that was in the middle of the circus, I was so proud of her! We also have accidents, which are to be expected, but I just can't tell if she really is bothered by the accidents or not. She does NOT want to poop on the potty (normal, I think) and will deny that she has a big load in her pants!

Around 6 each day she has had enough and starts running from me when its time to 'try'. At that time we put a diaper on and do not push the issue. We are not being pushy about this process at all!

I guess I just need reassurance if this is success to keep going, or to hear "it sounds like she's not ready" and I'll stop. Right now I am stressed over is like a full time job to set the timer, get her on the potty, sit with her for long long times reading (her choice to sit that long), then try to keep her off the carpet the rest of the time to save my carpets! I am sick of cleaning pee and mostly poop out of the carpets and panties, (she does not really have formed poops). I feel like I can't even type a post or cook dinner anymore! Just in the amount of time while trying to type this post she had a pee accident, cleaned that up got new panties, then a MESSY poop accident, cleaned that up while she sat on the potty, I go back in the bathroom to find she had climbed up onto the BIG potty by herself and was about to fall through!! So I am a bit frustrated, yet my mom assures me that DD is doing great!

Do I continue? How long should I expect this to go on? I feel like I can't really go anywhere cause she really wants to wear the panties, yet I don't want to deal with an accident in the middle of the grocery store or mall, kwim? Is the poop thing normal? Do you just deal with it? at this!

PS As for "is she ready?" The whole reason we started is because it seems she is ABLE. She stays dry for naps and bedtime and definately knows when she is doing her business!
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We started potty training on Saturday. The diaper fairy came and took all the diapers away and replaced them with big boy pants. He wet himself several times in the morning, but later that evening peed in the potty and pooped. He just turned 3.
We are using the Dr. Phil method, because I know so many who have used it with success.
So far we have been accident free today!
Of course this is my third child and I am a lot more patient and stubborn than with the first one. My first child cried and whined and tantrumed and I "gave in" and quit. I finally bit the bullet again a year later and it was like pulling teeth from an alligator to get her to use the toilet. She would still be in diapers at 8 had I not finally told her enough is enough.
I've read all kinds of things on toilet training and readiness. And I think that most children 2 and over are ready. The only reason I waited with no3 is because of communication problems and because of *me* I wanted to keep him a baby as long as possible.
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It's only been 6 days. Give yourself and dd a break. It will happen, promise! Sounds like you're doing a great job. If it were me, I'd do away with the timer. Seems like too much pressure and 25 min intervals isn't very long. Pat yourselves on the back and take it one day at a time.
Well, here's what I've been doing with my dd (25 mo.). About a month ago, I bought a big bucket of Dora foam stickers. She gets one every time she actually goes on the potty. It took her a few weeks to figure it out, but in the past week and a half, she's been going on her own about half the time. I never push it and I always give her the option to wear a diaper or big girl panties (well almost always, if we are going out or we've had several accidents in a row, we go with a diaper). In the last few days she has chose big girl undies for the majority of the day with no accidents. She also doesn't do so well in the evening. She will go on the potty all day long, until evening. However, I think she may be a bit more ready than your dd. She almost always tells me when she needs to go, even when out and about. And, if she does have an accident, it's quite traumatic. She gets very upset. It sounds like your dd may not be totally ready. But, I wouldn't give up yet. If you wish to continue, I think you are doing fine. Just don't push her too much, or she may go the opposite way and begin to refuse all together. I don't force my dd to use the potty at any time, but I do suggest occassionally, like if it's been more than an hour or we are getting ready to leave the house, that she use the potty. I will usually go with her. I hope that helps.
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Originally Posted by Vito's Mommy
I'd do away with the timer. Seems like too much pressure
The timer is the only way she'll go sit on the potty! If mommy tells her it's time, forget it! But if the timer goes off, she gets all excited and runs right in!!! LOL We started this method because she would fight us for diaper changes and it seemed to work, so we're using it for anything she balks at us on!

We're still plugging away......ohhhhhh this is hard!
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