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Is this teething??

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My oldest son didn't have any neg. reactions to teething. My younger son is 11mo and just got his first two teeth. Now I'm thinking he may be bursting through a bunch at once. Here's what's going on:
He's been super clingy for about a week now. Won't hardly let me put him down. He's also become very off-balance. He was sitting up playing today and just fell right over about 6 times! What's going on? Is this teething?
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I was thinking teething until I read the off balance part. That sounds more like an ear infection to me. My 3 yo didn't get her first teeth until about 11 months, then all of them seemed to come at once. She was super clingy - I could barely put her down to use the bathroom! She ran a fever too.

The reason I'm thinking ear infection is because that's what would happen to her. She'd get off balance a bit. She never complained that her ear hurt, she never pulled on it or anything, her nose didn't run, she would not have a noticable fever, but her ear would be flaming red infected. Made me feel aweful that I couldn't tell she was hurting.

Have you tried Hylands teething tablets for the teething? They are wonderful! If his balance is still off, I would go see the doctor, but I'm a super worry wart. Poor little guy - I hope he feels better soon!
The off-balance thing made me think ear infection, also. Holden has been working on getting his first teeth for literally months, the poor thing. The last week has really been tough. He's been super mom-clingy; no one else will do. He nurses fitfully, then is upset because he's hungry. He's on a nap strike, so he's incredibly tired by nighttime.

Hopefully both of our sons will get their teeth soon and be out of their discomfort.
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