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i don't know where to post this b/c we're on the fence of toddler/childhood and it's also sleep-related, i think, so...please move if necessary...

ds1 hates sleep. while he's finally at almost 3 years sleeping better at night, it still doesn't seem to be enough. if he naps (which is a huge pain in the a$$ to make happen), he'll force bedtime to even later. as it stands, he'll go to sleep fairly easily between 6:30 and 7:30 pm. he'll awake 2-3 times per night for brief periods usually asking to nurse (something that resurfaced after ds2 was born). he'll wake for good by 7 am. sometimes, even without a nap, he won't go to sleep until 8 or 8:30 for some unknown reason.
he usually gets NUTS by about 4pm and quite difficult to deal with thru supper and bath. however, i've noticed a lack of focus lately and just some weird stuff and i need some advice:
yesterday, we were at the park with 2 other children and several times he just sat down and wouldn't talk - just rubbed his eyes and stared at the ground. a few seconds later, he'd hop up and take off running. he'd space out on the 20 minute ride home, rub his eyes, but would not fall asleep. he crashed at about 7:15 last night and woke at 6:30. seems like a nice night's sleep, but he is already acting tired: flies off the handle with crying at the least little thing, wants me to be right with him and if i leave the room, SCREAMS for me to come back - just to look at a puzzle, a toy, what the dog is doing, etc... then, he goes completely "normal", playing quietly, talking to himself imagining and pretending...all is good. then we'll try to do something like change a diaper, put on pants or shoes, whatever and he has NO FOCUS. i have to tell him several times "no, this foot" or "pick your foot up" or whatever. he's immersed in whatever is next to him and won't focus. in fact, he's usually in a "talking match" with me as in a "aren't you LISTENING mom? i want you to PUT THE PUZZLE TOGETHER" like he's totally oblivious to the fact that i'm trying to get him dressed. is this normal? is it his age or could he possibly have a sleep deficiency. i don't see how he can sleep for like 12 hours and then still be so screwed up but WON'T TAKE A NAP. or if he'd happen to fall asleep in the car, just subtract that off his nighttime sleep. i have sleepless in america. i have the no cry sleep solution for toddlers and preschoolers. i am lost here.
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