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Is this weaning?

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For the last 4 days DS has only nursed at night or when going down for a nap.

During the day he'll ask to nurse and when I raise my shirt he smiles, latches, then pops back off and waves bye bye to my breasts.

He's only 20 months old though....

Is it common for toddlers to only nurse at night for a while before they wean?
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At least in my case! Theo went down to just nap and bedtime nursing sessions at around 18 months, but today (at 29 months) he is still very consistent with that. I'm not sure whether I consider it weaning or not. I think if I cut him off cold-turkey tomorrow, he'd deal with it...but on the other hand, it looks like he'll be happy to continue this as long as I let him. (The only time he asks to nurse other than in bed these days is if he's sick or really upset.)
I guess I just never expected him to drop daytime nursing....

What did I expect then?? LOl Guess I never even considered him weaning...LOL
My ds is 20 months too. About 3 weeks ago he stopped nursing during the day. Last week he stopped all together. He tried latching today, but unlatched and said "icky" and gave them kisses instead. I'm just now having some fullness that I hope goes away quickly. Before this started he was nursing every chance he got and several times at night. Now he just asks for his sippy at nighttime and is even going to sleep on his own.
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