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Is this wicking? help!

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2 times today DD has leaked pee through the openings of her diaps! One was a bum genius! (thought that was the one she slept in from 5 am to 8 am... and just now a wonderoo! I checked her before she ate and she was dry, so it was only 1 pee that did this.

I think I stripped my diaps just 2 weeks ago (I washed them w/o soap until the water ran clear, and there were no soap bubbles... Made them feel cleaner (no build up) But now they are leaking!

I wonder if I just need to stuff my night diap more (It only had 1 insert in there..) And maybe the wonderoos are getting too small? They seem to be getting small she is big but only 6 mos!!! I just got a Mommy's Touch that seems to be something that will last a few mos (Im telling you, DD is big

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Are the inserts completely saturated when it leaks? If it's saturated she just needs more absorbancy.

If the insert isn't saturated...

Is the fleece/suedecloth repelling? You could scrub them down inside and out with dawn and a toothbrush.

Does it seem to be going through the thread holes? Drying them on HOT for 15 minutes could re-seal the thread holes.

Are you using a detergent with optical brighteners? I think that can cause build-up.

Are you using hemp inserts? Hemp doesn't absorb as quickly as cotton or microfiber. Pairing hemp with cotton (cotton insert being closest to baby) will make a super absorbant dipe.

I don't know what else to suggest.
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what will the dawn do?

w/ the night diap it was soaked... but w/ the wonderoo it was like one side was soaked...
Dawn will remove what ever is blocking the microfiber from letting liquid pass through.
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