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Is your baby sweating a lot?

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My DS - 10 months old, is sweating a lot. Specially his feet. He has no socks, cold feet, but totally wet from sweat! Isnt' that wierd? Kind of like too much of "inner" heat. Is it normal with babies? Do they tend to overheat easily? I mean today has not been too hot at all and he is still really sweaty...

Any thoughts?
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mine only sweat when it's warm, or when they are sleeping. Usually it is only around the head and face though - I've never noticed it on the feet, except when they were wearing shoes and socks and it was very warm outside. I am a horrible worrier so I would call the doctor and ask her about it.
When we nurse, even though we sit right next to the a/c, the side of DS's head where it's resting in my arm gets SO sweaty. My shirt gets soaked, and his hair gets all wet and curly. It's funny. I've taken to putting a diaper in between us when it's really hot.

Both my ds's are furnaces!! They are always hot and sweaty which they get from me. It doesn't matter if the a/c is on or not . . . . they are always wet. I would say don't worry about it but if it bothers you there is no harm in checking with your baby's doctor about it.
DS sweats a TON - always has. Even in the dead of winter, in a onesie, uncovered, he is drenched nights. In the summer it's much worse, and nursing just takes the cake. I keep a light blanket between us because sticky baby skin isn't my cup of tea.
My ds tends to sweat a lot while he is nursing. I place a blanket between my arm and his head to help absorb the sweat. If you are worried about it, I would give your doctor a call.
Mine sweats profusely, especially when sleeping. It seems to mostly come from his head. My dr. said not to worry about it and to keep him a little cooler.
My dd (10mo also!) sweats so much. As other posters said, it's mostly her head, but I do also notice that her legs/feet feel cool sometimes while her head is hot and sweaty, and then upon further inspection I notice that they're damp. The sweat is keeping them quite chilled, which is probably why your ds's feet feel cold AND wet too.
Nothing to add, but I just wanted to say that when I read the title of the post, I thought it said, "Is your baby SWEARING a lot". Um, probably. She growls a lot. :LOL
Our DD sweats like mad - sweaty pits, head, back, she also ends up covered with a heat rash if it is over 80 degrees. Our son was really hot too.
my baby has the clammiest hands and feet ever! We usually put socks on him just so he doesn't chafe my skin off when he nurses like a squirmy piglet, or sometimes I just dust the piggies with cornstarch powder.

I hope he outgrows it before he starts dating! I hated sweaty/clammy guys!
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