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Is your morning(afternoon, evening) sickness going

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away? I'm 10 weeks and I haven't been sick the past 2 evenings. A part of me is glad and a part of me is freaking out because that was my main symptom. I gues I thought it would go away right at 12 weeks. I wasn't sick with my first pregnancy so I have no idea about morning sickness. I've seen the heartbeat on US, I've heard the hb with a doppler at the mw's office. I'm just a little scared. Should I just be happy?
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Just be happy! Don't worry! Your body knows what to do.

And I am still sick. I am almost 11 weeks.
At 10 weeks, your 8 weeks old embryo is becoming a fetus! It's growing its bone cells, and its placenta is almost done forming. I believe the flow of hCG cuts back, so if that was the cause of your sickness, it's on its way out! My midwife told me to expect a plateau at 10 weeks and for it to disappear by 13-14 weeks.

I'm 11w and some-odd days. Never vomited, just some nausea and food aversion. The last few days have been great, last night was kind of lame though because nothing sounded good to eat and I got hungry and grumpy and weepy. Finally though I hit on some black beans and salsa and life was good!
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Be very happy

Depends on the source, but most references say that among most women who suffer from morning sickness, it reaches its peak somewhere between 9 and 14 weeks gestation and then begins to subside.

I'm almost 12 weeks, and no signs of my MS subsiding just yet. But I have a history of borderline hyperemesis, so I'm not expecting it to go away anytime soon.
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hooray hooray, for the last week or two I have been feeling mostly normal again. Still mild nausea usually first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon, but it's pretty mild and way better than all day BLAH that I felt before. I am almost 14 weeks now. Woohoo!

This is also my 2nd pregnancy, and with DS, I was feeling back to normal again right about 14 weeks, too.

Hang in there!
Mine has gotten worse. Ugh. I'm around 10 - 12 weeks right now.
Mine is so much better!Yay,and i am around 12 weeks right now.More energy too~
I guess I've hit the plateau too. I haven't thrown up in nearly a week, but I am still very nauseated. I hope it passes. I think I am 13 weeks.
I had a terrible week this past week (the 10th week). I vomitted everyday, sometimes twice a day. Then yesterday was just lots of nausea but I managed to go through the day without vomitting. So far today I feel nauseous, but I don't know what tonight holds yet...
I wish! It did during week 9 and 10 and then this past Friday, it reared its ugly head again. I'm so TIRED and FRUSTRATED with this. I thought I was over the worst of it, and then I'm back to throwing up five to eight times a day. And I have a sweet friend who I just found out is expecting a week after me and she hasn't had any morning sickness. I'm so envious!!!
Anyhow, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so I keep focusing on that...but I am really tired and disheartened especially after this weekend.
Sorry to be such a downer!
I'm 13 weeks today and have been feeling better most days for the last 10 days or so. I'll have the odd bad day or a few hours, but other than that I'm feeling more like myself. Still midly nauseous, but nothing like it was. I started to have a couple of days off around 9-10 weeks, but it would make a comeback and throw me for a loop for two or three days before subsiding again.

I'd say I'm feeling 80% better. I'm able to eat more and I'm actually hungry in the morning. Bonus!
My 'morning sickness' always starts around 2pm and goes until 1-2am but the last week or so it's eased off but now it likes 6am-noon when it does hit every couple of days.

A couple more weeks and hopefully this will be over.
I'm 14 weeks and some of my energy has returned. of course I have been on bed rest the past week so maybe its just bcz I havent been able to burn any off, I dont know. I am not as sick as I was but food still doesnt taste good and nothing ever sounds good, so eating is a chore. I do get food down now though, so thats better than before also.
I just see no pattern to what I am experiencing. I will feel fine then a little while later, I'll throw up. I've had two nights where the vomiting was so violent that I was throwing up blood, lots of blood. I had that happen last night. I had all this acid and i just couldn't stop throwing up, then I had profuse salivation where I had to spit into a wash cloth because if I swallowed it, I'd vomit again. As it turned out, I ended up vomiting again twice. Once over the side of the bed because I couldn't get up fast enough. I was so discouraged and felt so sick I just started crying. I really need for this to be ending.
Awww Karen...

I was like that 2 nights ago. I HATE
that nasty spit problem. It's not at all what one needs when they feel like we do...gross.

I've felt slightly better the past 2 days (meaning no vomitting but tons of nausea), we'll see how that progresses???
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I think I posted too soon. Last night ended with a horrible spaghetti vomit session.
Awww Emily, that sucks. I hate throwing spaghetti...sorry about that.
Let's have a big
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Yeah, I jumped the gun a bit too. Just lost my dinner.
I'm oddly reassured. I also wonder how I can handle cabbage rolls and a bunch of mashed taters yet grilled cheese isn't able to stay down.
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Originally Posted by sweetfeet
I also wonder how I can handle cabbage rolls and a bunch of mashed taters yet grilled cheese isn't able to stay down.

Gotta love pregnancy...
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Um, well, no, you don't have to love it!
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