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OK, my dirty little secret is "Nanny 911." I love that show... just because it makes me feel better about myself as a parent. LOL<br><br> seems like the eternal solution to all the parenting problems is... 1) put the kids on a schedule<br>
2) teach the parents to be consistent<br>
3) no more yelling as a family<br><br>
My 13 month old is not on any sort of schedule...although recently, we've been trying to move his bedtime back a little so that we could have some time together. (From 11ish to 8:30) (We're a family bed type of this involved putting him into a crib in our room...which was more traumatic on me than my son. I miss cuddling with him and he seems happy as can be in his crib!)<br><br>
But I do know how kids like some sort of I was wondering if your child was on a schedule, what it looked like??<br><br>
Thanks <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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I guess I'd say we have more of a routine then a schedule. Here it is:<br>
6:15 - 7: Wake up for the day<br>
7 - 9: breakfast, get dressed, walk the dog<br>
9:30 - 11: go out (to class, to the store, out back to play)<br>
11:30: lunch<br>
12:15: nap<br>
He wakes anytime between 1:30 - 2:30<br>
Go out again in the afternoon.<br>
5:30: Dinner<br>
6:30: Walk the dog<br>
7: bath<br>
7:30 books, nursing, almost always asleep by 7:45<br>
He always wakes at least twice during the night; at 5-ish he joins us in bed.<br><br>
This can slide as much as an hour in either direction, but it does give a shape to our day, which I think is good for both of us.<br><br>

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we WERE on a schedule, until we went to Florida to visit grandma, and my sister came to visit, and we got colds... it's all blown to hell now, and since we'll be going to Seattle in a couple weeks I don't see much point in reinstating it till we get back. It was nice while it lasted, tho! it was something like this:<br><br>
[3 days a week the sitter comes 9-1 while I go to class; this schedule is for the other days]<br><br>
8:00 ~ Get up<br>
9:00 ~ Breakfast (this is for mama's benefit; ds usually does not partake)<br>
11:00-12:30 ~ Nap<br>
1:00 ~ Lunch<br>
3:00 ~ Go out to do shopping, to the park, etc.<br>
4:00 - 5:00 ~ Nap<br>
6:00 ~ Dinner<br>
8:00 ~ Bath (every 2-3 days only) books, low-key playing, cuddling<br>
9:00 ~ Lullabies begin in earnest, usually asleep by 9:30<br><br>
For us too, it could go an hour in each direction, but I was amazed at how much I loved having a schedule! Amazed b/c I've never been a schedule person on my own. But it was great, towards the end he was going to sleep so quickly, I could not believe it! I also found he was eating much better.<br><br>
I wasn't rigid or intentional in starting the schedule. I just did what came naturally and made a little extra effort to remember what happened yesterday and try to be consistent, and it just fell into place.

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Yes, we have a schedule or routine. It fell into place naturally based on DS' sleeping and eating patterns. It isn't "to the minute" and there is some flex time for special events, etc. but overall it's very consistent.<br><br>
Up at 6-6:30<br>
1st breakfast<br>
play, read etc.<br>
8:30-9 second breakfast<br>
10-11:30--usually playgroups or errands<br>
6pm dinner<br>
play and read<br>
7:15 bath or get ready for bed, storytime, drink, etc.<br>
8pm lights out!<br><br>
My son is very easy with respect to the schedule. He unfailingly gets hungry and tired right around the same times each day. I watched him very closely when he was an infant to start seeing when we could get a schedule going. Basically, he set it himself!<br><br>
I don't know how I'd exist without it! It just makes life easier and he is so happy when we stay on it.

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I totally have to agree, my son fell into his own routine, and now runs for the stairs in delight when I suggest "night-night" (let's hope hie keeps that up for a few more years!). He loves knowing the order and ritual of things (waking up, bath time). Our schedule is about the same as the others, so I won't repeat, but I wanted to let you know how comfoting and easier it is when he and I know what is coming next.<br><br>
Good Luck!

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Like the previous poster, I want to say we have a schedule that looks a lot like the other posters' (except my DS won't each much, especially when he's sitting in his chair, so it's more like snacking throughout the day, then we make him sit, at least for a few minutes, with us when we eat dinner.) Like the others, our schedules always grew from watching DS, and basically he's created them as they've changed as he's grown. And, like the others, he does best when we're consistent with that schedule, especially his nightime routine.<br><br>
Thanks, by the way, for wrapping up Nanny 911 into the three things -- I keep wanting to watch it, but never know when it's on, just to find out what those things are. Now I don't have to!

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No real schedule here. Not like some of the other posters. I try to have meals at about the same time but that's about it. My son naps when he is tired and plays when he isn't. Now, I know in time he'll form his own natural schedule as my 3 y/o eventually did.<br><br>
I think schedules are great! I just don't agree with rigid schedules that some parents try to impose on the youngest of infants. (Not saying any of the PP did this <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> )
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