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Isn't everyone who CD's nuts about it??

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I was working today in our seafood market and a customer came in with a toddler wearing a CPF with pins. I was SO excited, I could hardly believe it! Four years in business and as far as I know this is the first CD to walk in the door that wasn't on my dd's bum. So... I helped her, sneaking peeks
at her child and planning what I was going to say...
thinking that I had finally found an IRL CD'er and weren't we going to have the BEST chat about diapers! So I was finally ringing her up and I leaned over and said "oh you lucky kiddo, you have a prefold on! My daughter wears cloth too!".....and then I waited for the Mom's response... and waited....
: .... and NOTHING! She really acted like she wasn't at all interested in saying one single thing about CD's. She signed her slip, grabbed the CPF and hit the door.
I was so disappointed. Are there *really* CDers that don't love their diapers? How bizzare...
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I would have talked to you!!

I love to talk about my dipes, I can't imagine anyone not liking them
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OMG! I had the same thing. Our homebirth group here actually had a Cloth Diapering Show-off meeting and I was so psyched I dragged my 4 week old all the way out there to go to it. I got there and there were only 5 mamas there and they unceremoniously dumped their "stashes" into the middle of the room and it was stuff I had never even seen before. None of them were still CDing, which was odd... but I can kind of see why because what they had would not make CDing easy. Bad stuff. Plastic pants and REALLY old PUL covers that looked painful and scratchy. Everything was in desperate need of a really good strip washing (P.U.) to say the least. There was one mom there who was pregnant but she kind of blew us off and said she is happy with just Fuzzi Bunz. There was only one mom there who was hyena-ish! It was very disapointing.

Luckily my IRL friends who CD are just as crazy as me.
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I suppose it's possible.

I just ASSume that everyone has access to the wonderful world of WAHM diapers. But I suppose that's not true. I really need to escape from my bubble more often. :LOL
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Oh yeah, and in the same thread... nothing makes me feel like a bigger lunatic than when I get all CD crazy to someone who doesn't feel the CD love. If you want someone to think you are nuttier than a fruitcake tell them you collect diapers.
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I just ASSume that everyone has access to the wonderful world of WAHM diapers. But I suppose that's not true.
Ohh those poor deprived mamas, KIDS, I meant kids!
:nana: :LOL

I don't know anybody who CDs IRL, and I have never actually met another mom IRL who CDs, and everybody I know except my hubby and my mom, thinks I'm
for doing it. Forget those other mamas! Poor me! :LOL
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LMAO Amy! No kidding! I keep thinking about Jamie having to tell a police officer how much she paid for a cloth diaper....
This Mama and I had been having a nice chat about the various kinds of fish and this and that and fish and more fish and then when I said the word "diaper" with probably a very ridiculously eager look on my face, she seemed like she thought I might be a little unstable. :LOL

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one to experience this!
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I have a few IRL friends who CD, one of them (who's been cd'ing the longest) doesn't really care, she uses prefolds w/pins and alexis covers and doesn't want anything fancy, the other is into making them herself (she made us a dipe & a bunch of fleece topped doublers- AWESOME, btw!). I'm the craziest one though!
Mom2Sailor- I used to buy fish from you all of the time. If only I had known that you were a cd using mom.

Sadly, I don't live in Olympia any longer, but if I did I would come chat up a storm about diapers. I have some friends that I got hooked on cd's, I will send them your way. Maybe when I come back to visit I will stop by to show off ds's stash.

Off topic, I loved shopping at your fish market. It really is an important part of Olympia and I am glad that you are in business. Hope you are having a wonderful summer there.

Originally Posted by HRC121799
I'm the craziest one though!
Hey, I'm a little nuts too, you just have a *way* more exciting stash.

Almost everyone I talk to about it thinks I'm off my rocker.
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hey!!! Whats wrong with Fuzzi Bunz ???
btw.. I woulda chatted w/ you
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I've always got my eye peeled for a peek of cloth on any baby's bum but so far I've never met anyone IRL that does cloth. I'm dying to have another cd obsessed mom to gush with!

I've had a few people ask me about ds's diapers though. One mom even asked me for some links. Of course I think I might have come off a bit over enthusiastic (I gave her 3 pages of info), she seemed to avoid me the week after. lol I gotta remember to tone it down for potential newbies! She's not so standoffish now but I don't want to ask her if she took the dive into cd'ing. I don't want her to think I'm recruiting. I'm really just dying to have someone to share my enthusiasm with!

I did have another mom after noticing ds's gorgeous LHC say in a very weird condescending tone "I don't know ANYONE who cloth diapers". Then she walked away.
I would love to find someone irl who is as cd crazy as I am. Heck I'd like to find someone with any parenting styles in common. Dh and I were touring some lottery home not too long ago packing the kids around and I spotted a woman slinging her son with the same one I have. She was very nice to us despite the fact that we probably came off as crazy in our excitement to seeing someone "like us" :LOL
I only know one other mom IRL (well 2, but 1 of them was a customer and her little one is a lot younger than mine) here, and well, I gave her some of my stash because she was failing, since she only had 6 ecobaby organics fitteds and an aristocrat. Can you say, maybe 1 day? So I was decluttering my stash and ended up giving it to her, even gave her one of my own seconds for her daughter for nitetime. And I turned her on to MuttaQins...So who do you think swiped the baby classic pooh right out from under me? LOL. Brittani loves to go over and play with her kids, though, so we get to sit and talk shop, so to speak.
I think there are lots of ppl who cd but we just don't know about it b/c they don't see it as a bid deal. I have had friends who cd and most of them are NOT kooky like us.
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so far I've met/know 3 irl cd mamas. One I met via this board who turned out to be a neighbor, one random person at the play ground, an one who is a close friend.

The random playground mama and my close friend are both very enthusiastic about cloth but have very sensible practical systems, prefolds, wraps, a few pockets. The mdc mama is a hyena in the making
Hum, is there a trend?
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I have met about 3 people who use CDs IRL and they are all from here
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OT - We have guest often for meals on the Jewish sabbath. Students of my dh. People passing through that need a meal. Stuff like that. There is a guy with a family passing through the nearby airforce base and someone gave him our # for a meal. We have them over (the whole family) - and GUESS WHAT. They cd. My husband asked me if it this was like finding someone from your hometown while traveling through Botswana. To top it off, she is a natural birther and her dh delivered their last baby. *MY* dh rolled his eyes and said "I knew we couldn't get through a whole meal without talking about a placenta or something!" :LOL
I had a cloth convert who was totally happy with prefolds and proraps.
I guess it was the cloth part that counted, right?
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I've never met anyone IRL who uses cloth, and I think I'd fall over if I did. I brought it up the other day with my mom's group, and they all smiled and nodded and changed the subject. If only I could have just one person to gush over dipes...

My dh, by the way, thinks the whole cyber-community, hyena diapers, etc., is hysterical. He thinks I need help.

Uhhh, actually, he could be right!
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