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isn't it a little early to crave food???

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i feel like it is too early to really start craving food - i am 5wks 1 day. but i tell you what, IF I DON'T GET MEXICAN FOOD SOMETIME SOON - I MEAN, SPICY SPICY SPICY MEXICAN FOOD, I THINK MY HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE!!! :LOL

anyone else feeling cravings this early??
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Just the meat stuff for me. I didn't really have any cravings while pregnant with DS.
I have more aversions right now. The smell of coffee is driving me crazy right now!! I love coffee, but when I'm pregnant, it makes me SOOOO sick. The smell of meat cooking makes me want to wretch. Really, the sight of food makes me feel gross right now.

But the other day, I ate some potato chips that tasted REALLY good!! And I'm not usually a potato chip fan. I think it was the salt.
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I got aversions before I knew I was pregnant, and I found out at 4 weeks. I couldn't eat chocolate AT all after conception, and I LOVE chocolate

I still haven't really had any cravings, though!
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Originally Posted by ozzyemm
I couldn't eat chocolate AT all after conception, and I LOVE chocolate

That is so funny because the same thing has happened to me! I am a HUGE dark chocolate fan and normally eat some everyday, but since getting pregnant I can not stand it.

As for cravings, the only thing I have been "craving" is red meat - which I don't normally eat. I think I'd be perfectly satisfied to eat a hamburger or a steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday! :LOL
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I've been hungry but not really wanting to eat much of anything. Last night, though, I was lying in bed watching the food network - it was a show about making home made ice cream, followed by a show about home made pudding. I turned off the TV and tried to go to sleep, but realized I was going to BURST if I didn't have something yummy and sweet!! We didn't have anything like that in the kitchen...then DH came in from working late and he had stopped at the store and bought a box of Little Debbie fudge rounds. I literally jumped out of the bed when he told me he had them and devoured one like it was the best thing I had ever eaten in my life! Felt much better after that and went to sleep....
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I have been having definite cravings! On Sunday I HAD to have steak, then had red meat the following 3 days, too. Now I can't stand the thought of it. Last night I started craving mashed potatoes and made a double batch tonight. I've also been at the store and seen something and thought "I have to have that!" Tonight I was cooking chicken and it smelled so icky I thought maybe it'd gone a little off, but then I remembered this happening last pregnancy.

Like others of you, I'm also off my beloved dark chocolate. I even "forced" myself to try a piece the other night thinking it might taste good after I started, but it did nothing for me. Bizarre! I've really not wanted any sweets at all except the other night I drove to the store and bought sour gummy LifeSavers and ate half the bag. Nothing like a little corn syrup and red dye #6 for the baby.

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I can't say I've been having cravings . . . but I have had a lot of aversions. I can't really make a list of what sounds gross to me, since it seems to change. However, one pattern I have noticed is that if I eat a lot of something, it quickly becomes nasty. For example, I went out of town to visit family and brought lots of snacky things, like nuts. As soon as my trip was over, all nuts became nasty to me. I haven't even pushed my luck with peanut butter!
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