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iso 2x/3x nursing dress, swimsuit, 3t-4t summer dresses, sz 5t-6 boys clothes, SOCKS

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nothing long-sleeved or real heavy- need something lightweight, so i dont burn up in church... prefer solids, not real busy patterns.

a bathing suit in the same size.

for dd, she could use a few more dresses. she is as skinny as a 2t, but needs more length, as she is a tall and leggy lil gal

ds is a tall and skinny guy as well, he could use some size 5t-6 clothes for summer.

and we all could use more socks to feed to the hungry washing machine that eats them
ds wears a size 13 shoe, dd wears a 9, and i wear a 10.5

whatcha got?

i have a lil paypal available, and have tons of stuff to trade,

pur water filters, women's shoes size 8- 8.5, clothes in multiple sizes(womens size 8 and up, some mens-but not much and some kids), avon items(makeup, perfume and skin care items), and knick-knacks that need new homes
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:bump looking for a bathing suit too.
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