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ISO: 3T footie pajamas

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I can trade now, or buy on thursday when DH gets paid- but I didn't know how long this would take to find so I'm asking now. Well, that and the fact that we'll be so busy over the weekend moving that I won't have another time to ask

My DD needs size 3T footie pajamas. I prefer the fleece ones if I can get my hands on some, but as long as they are soft, in good condition and not scratchy whatever is cool. She likes any fabric- even stereotypical boy ones. Typically girl ones are ok, she likes variety
I'll probably want 3-4.

I can trade any number of things- just ask. You can also do a search in this forum and tp diapers to see some of the things I'm offering for sale or trade. I also have 2 pair of 3T carters short and tank PJ's I can trade. She is refusing to wear anything but the footie ones to bed.

Any offers? Name your price or your ISO list
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