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ISO a cordless phone with answering machine

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I'm sure it's a long shot, but you never know until you try! We need a new cordless phone. Our old one is 5-6 years old and starting to sound fuzzy. I don't want to spend a lot, but I would like a name brand phone. We need it to have a built-in answering machine as well. I would like it to be no more than a year or two old. Thanks! I have lots to trade, or I have Paypal.
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Someone has to have a phone?
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Hey we have one. It works we just bought a new one w/ 2 handsets. I might even have the owners manual too. It's a Panasonic and is about a year or a year and a half old. It's yours for $10 inc. shipping. Let me know!
Sorry! I thought I had pm-ed you. What's your pp address? Thanks~
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