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ISO a kid's book about going on a plane

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Usborne First Experiences book titled, Going on a Plane by Anne Civardi & STephen Cartwri. Looking for 2001 edition.

I've been trying to buy one on ebay for the last 2 days and paypal has been down.

Anyone have a copy I can send a m.o. for?

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I have a 2000 edition. ?
Honestly, the best plane book I've seen is by Fred Rogers (you know, of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood), I think it's called "Going on an Airplane," or something to-the-point like that. I don't own it, but it is available in libraries ...
pm'n you supervee

Thanks Amy - I have a Fred Roger's book about going to the potty and to me it was only so-so. I'll check it out at the library though.
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