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ISO: Anything at all to help me with my TTC

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Vitex, B-6, ANYTHING. Offer me what you used to become pregnant or what you are using. I am getting so mad.
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I wonder what it would cost to ship my husband off to you...

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: Yeah, I don't think my dh has potent swimmers. We tried for 7 months with dd and I was charting then too.
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Originally Posted by ILuvMyBaby
i have these if you want them

they helped me

I don't think those will help me. You have to have a normal cycle to use those and I have only had one pp AF since dd was born.

Thanks though
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I have lots of Red Clover. You can use it to make tea...
But if it is your dh's swimmers...this won't really help with ttc. (That I know of.)

Do a google search on red clover and fertility...

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I have about 8 ovulation tests that expire in 8/05 you can have them for shipping...oh and have you been to they are great! i am convinced just hanging out on those boards got me

oh wait..i just remembered'ing you..
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I probably have some B6. If I do you can have it FFS. I'll look and see.
I have several fertility books that I will send FFS if your interested.
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