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ISO....anything AUDUBON bird related!

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My daughter has become a huge bird watcher and at the end of June is having a 'audubon bird' party (or anything birds really).

We are making a cool bird cake, the girls are painting real bird houses and we are getting each one an audubon bird to take home (the plush ones).

Does anyone have used or new bird books in great condition they want to get rid of? Bird feeders, houses? I know it's a long shot, but heck, I thought I would try at least. We have some cool bird stores here, but if another mom needs the money, well it works for me.

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Figures, I just sold some nice bks at my garage sale...but wanted to let you know if you get on their web site I think they have some kids coloring pages and activities.
I think there's another one too but will have to look it up.
Have fun! Sounds like a great idea. We are big bird watchers and my 5 yr old is just starting to pay attention to them.
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