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ISO: AP Friendly Pedi in RVA and foreskin question

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Any recommendations on AP friendly (non-circum.) pediatricians in Richmond. I'm not very fond of my current pedi. I think she keeps trying to retract the foreskin on my son. It freaks me out after the last visit once i was already gone and I haven't been sure if that is what she is doing or not (I'm still a new mum.) I plan on asking her next visit before she touches him, but it dawned on me when I've been talking to some other non-circum. moms that it may be what she is doing. On this topic, maybe some of you can tell me, how far is too far when she is looking at the tip of his penis? It doensn't seem to cause any discomfort but I'm a little confused. What exactly is considered retracting?

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I've never had any of the people at my son's practice try to do anything with his foreskin - they don't even mess with his penis. The closest they come is palpating his testicles.
Please come visit us in The Case Against Circumcision forum! We have the resources to answer of your foreskin questions. Please come read and post!

The foreskin should never be pulled back, not even a little, by anyone other than the owner of it. Even what looks like gentle retraction can cause small skin tears.
There is NO reason for a doc or ANYone else to move the foreskin back AT ALL! The discharge the penis creates will move out from under the foreskin and onto the tip all on it's own!

Definitely, I would change docs or really lay into her about it! Whichever you feel more comfy with, ADVOCATE for your child. He may just be really easy going and tolerate the discomfort well.
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