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I am iso quite a few books, and will update this list as I get some & add more.<br><br>
*The Homeschooling Book of Answers<br>
Linda Dobson<br><br>
*Homeschool for Success<br>
Rebecca Kochenderfer<br><br>
*Managers of their homes<br>
Teri Maxwell<br><br>
*Slow and steady, get me ready<br>
June Oberlander<br><br>
*Before Five in a Row, vol. 1<br>
Jane C. Lambert<br><br>
*BFIAR 1 books<br><br>
* Five in a Row, vol 3 & 4<br>
Jane C. Lambert<br><br>
*FIAR 1,3 & 4 books<br><br>
*Abeka Readers- 2nd grade<br><br>
*Abeka's- A handbook for reading
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