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ISO: Boy's 18-24 MO Summer Clothes and Wool Shorts/Soakers

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I am looking for clothes for Jett, in "surferish" or otherwise "cool dude" styles, as my mother calls them.

Here are some of the things I bought, so you can get an idea...
Polo Shirt 1, but ours is yellow with brown trees
Polo Shirt 2
Button down 1
Button down 2

I am looking for brown shorts, plain color Ts (long and short sleeve), or other summer stuff like that.

We spend a lot of the summer in a shirt, diaper and wool soaker or shorts, so complementing wool is desired, too!

I have a few diapers to trade or have funded paypal.
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B, that's really cute, but he's still swimming in the 2T stuff we have for him.

Thanks, anyway!!
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