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ISO: Brio train stuff!

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I am ISO Brio wooden train stuff for my son... esp the newer remote control or smart tracks but even just plain track is great!! Brio brand please

I have pp and trade items...


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I have a couple loops of tracks for sale. Here is a link to the pictures. I don't know if they are Brio or not though. Maybe you can tell from the pictures. Let me know if you are interested.
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I have some track that was once glued to a table. It's old and still has glue one one side, but would be FFS. Let me know if you want some and I will go through the boy's collection and sort out the better bit's of the older track. Please PM rather than answer here as I'm rubbish at hunting down posts to look for answers.
thanks for the responses so far but I am looking for anything but the regular staight and curved tracks really...

still looking!
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