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Laura Berkner
They might be Giants kids cd
Lisa Loeb

Any other good childrens cds

Originals or copies

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which ones are you looking for. I can make you copies of Victor Vito and buzz Buzz if you are interested. I would just need a few dollars to cover shipping and the blank cd.
bellyb~ could I get in on that too? I would love both of those!!


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Thanks so much Bellyb!!

If anyone has Shady Tree & the Whaddya Think of That I would appreciate it
We have two Laurie Berkner cd's;Victor Vito and her new one which is We are...The Laurie Berkner Band.It has 5 songs including:
Walk along the River
We are the Dinosaurs
I'm Gonna Catch You
The Happiest Song I know(w/ Tom Chapin)

I would be happy to copy these for anyone interested.We also have about three or four Wiggles cd's,and The Backyardigans.I could just use $ for the shipping or I can let you know of something I could use in trade.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts