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ISO cheap EC canvas shoes for kids and overalls

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need these things to embellish for my kids.... looking for any size in the shoes, can be white,black,or pink, and overalls in shorts,dresses,or pants in any size from 6 months- 6/7 jeans are cool too, looking for cheap stuff shoes must be in great condition, jeans and overalls can be in good to better condition...looking for cheap stuff or would love to trade!!
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HI there! I have the following available will take all forms of pp or have an ISO list in the june swap that is going on

old navy
3T girls denim jumper style dress -snaps at shoulders - vgc partial zip up side under arm hole

Osh kosh
2/2T overalls vgc
2T overalls a bit more worn than the pair above but still in great cond. are actually a bit smaller than the above 2T?

3/6 month denim overalls vgc
\baby your it brand 24 month girls denim jumper dress zips up back vgc

6-12 month denim overalls vgc
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I have...

boys 6-12m old navy overalls in EC

girls 12m osh kosh overalls in EC
2t Levis overalls in EC

and probably more if I dig
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do either of you have pics? I am going to check the swap for your iso lists!
I can get pics

I am the first ISO on the first page of the June swap,
but I don't mind paypal if you don't have anything that I need
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I have a few things you might be interested in.... let me know when you get some pics of the stuff you have i am running low on paypal i just bought some things, so would love to do some trades...thanks!
what size are the ladybug shoes? I'll post pics when I can get into Em's room
STill looking for stuff!! would prefer to work out a trade..anyone?
I am an oshkosh overalls freak.
I have gap, carter's etc
I have many many more not listed.
let me know what you need.

there's some of my photobucket.

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