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ISO domperidone

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I posted to the Trading Post already, but no replies...if anyone has any domperidone they don't need I could sure use some...thanks.
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I might- let me check. I'll get back later.
I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal saying the FDA was going to start cracking down on doperimine - apparently it can have some serious side effects. I'm not saying don't get it; I'm not saying the story is all there. But it seems that this bears looking into (and at the very least, it might explain why you're not getting an answer).

I'm aware of the FDA warning as well as a statement by Dr. Thomas Hale, who is the foremost researcher on breastmilk and pharmaceuticals in the US:

I've decided to continue to take it. I feel it is safer than the other choices, like giving my son formula, and unfortunately supplements like fenugreek and blessed thistle did not help my supply.
The FDA cited side effects from IV use, not oral, as their reason for discouraging use by nursing moms. I was reasurred by Dr. Hale's response and am fortunate enough to have a compounding pharmacist locally who sells it. When I told him about the FDA warning, he said he had done enough research about its use in other countries to be confident of its safety.

My LCs said that someone on Lact-net, the professional forum for LCs found that the company that makes Reglan also makes formula. They suspect the FDA is motivated by politics, not health.... Can anyone confirm this?

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