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iso free printable on line chore chart

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i always feel that "back to school" is my own personal new years resolutions time. THIS is the year i am really going to get my act together, really going to get organized. no really, i mean it this time........

and the rest of my family too. the kids are excited about earning extra money for chores, and i am excited about not having to nag them all the time for a set list of stuff they should be doing every day.

therefore we need a user friendly customizable TO DO LIST type chart.

anybody have any suggestions?
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On my computer there is a microsoft works program that has all kinds of customizable charts. Not sure how I got the program, I think it just came with it. Go to start, then all programs, Microsoft works, and task launcher. HTH!
I was looking for one today too! We just happen to be learning about charts AND I'm wanting to get the girls involved in some small chores they can do, and I found these in my search. Hth!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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