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ISO fuzbaby wool cover Large

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Hello! I'm interested in trying a fuzbaby wool cover, but there's no way I can afford a new I want to try a used one to see if we like them. Color is unimportant. I *think* we need a large. DD is 9 months old 23ish pounds, very chunky tummy and very chunky thighs.....
Anyone with anything to sell??
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are you looking for a fuzbomb (front snaps) or fuzeasy (side snaps)? big price difference -- $50 vs. $30.
I'm kind of new to the fuzbaby I'm willing to try either....since price is kind of an issue here...i guess the cheaper of the two. But i'm willing to try either... I just kind of wanted to try one. Ya know?
I have a fuzbomb in lapis I could sell it's a size large. It is like new except one of the snaps has a small hairline crack on one side. The snap still works fine so I never bothered to replace it. I would like $32 ppd. Let me know if you are interested, I can also send a picture. Oh - the large should be fine. My DS is 24 pounds, 11 months, and this fits him and has fit for a few months. We just prefer side snapping covers.
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