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ISO: Gauzy summer maternity sundresses (M-L)

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I am completely at a loss. Days of googling and searching real stores, and I can't find anything like what i'm imagining for less than $80. Here's what i'm looking for:

Maternity sundresses. Must be:
- size M - L or 8 - 10 pre-maternity
- able to last me through months 5 - 9
- light and gauzy but not see-through (to get me through GA summer!)
- preferably under $30
- not too girly-froo-froo (no collars, buttons, little flowers, etc.)
- preferably solid colors or indian/batik/mod/paisley

I've tried all the normal online sites, such as imaternity, oldnavy, target, kohls... and i've seen similar dresses in the $60 - $200 range, but I just don't have that sort of money.

I would really appreciate links, and if anyone actually has or can make these wonderful things, I have Paypal and excellent eBay feedback.

Thanks very much!
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Got one! Thanks, Amy!

Anybody else got ideas/links/used dresses to sell?
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