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ISO: Giftable Nursing Necklace

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I'm hoping to trade for a giftable nursing necklace... My girlfriend is nursing twin boys, and one of them is starting to lose his focus (they are about 3.5 months old). She's not a girly girl, so pastel sort of colors aren't her first choice, but from there -- what ever you think would work is certainly worth a try...

I don't know how much these necklaces run or trade for, so I'll just mention what I have to trade that's my preference...

I have a bunch of IHA packages on the June Reverse Swap... Link Here
June Reverse Swap
Scroll down to the packages from Fisherb. If you see something you want, I'll remove it, but I have to do it before the 9th. If you don't choose by 6/9, these packages all become unavailable.

I also sew wetbags... Any size ok (well, within reason) -- I personally have bags that velcro close twice for moist wipes, all the way up to pail liners. We've also made it larger for someone that uses a kitchen garbage pail. Any wetbag you get would be new for you. Several colors and 1 pattern available right now. (the pattern is NOT babyish at all)

I have many used fitted diapers homemade, but cute and total workhorses. Not quite enough for a nighttime eater / soaker, though. I have prorap & dappi covers in small and medium. I also have many small covers that are unknown brands -- I bought them used, and they all work great. I tossed anything that had waterproof issues. If you tell me the approximate value of the necklace you're sending, I'll put together a good package for you! I have both g/n and boyish diapers.
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Hi there! I make costom nursing necklaces
I would love to trade for a pail liner/ I can do almost anything with necklaces, just let me know what you want! Email me at [email protected]

you can see some of my necklaces here
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