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ISO info on immigration bills that middle schoolers can understand

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Anyone know of sites for kids that would have a reasonable explanation of the issues? My students are interested but the newspaper is pretty difficult for them. Thanks!
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IL Council on Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) has a wealth of easy-to-understand information about the need for comprehensive immigration reform, as well as overviews of current proposed legislation.

Here are two good summaries of the issue. They are a pdf and Word doc, respectively:

Frequently Asked Questions about Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Q&A on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The US Council of Catholic Bishops also has an extensive website and campaign on comprehensive immigration rights, and many of their documents are basic and very easy to understand (mostly in pdf format), though they have a Christian perspective.
Check out the "Resources for Parishes" area for a good selection of overview documents (what is immigration, FAQ, etc)
Thanks! I also found an article on the AP site that listed all the main points of all three bills being debated. My classes "translated" them into everyday English.
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