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HI guys! I'm currently ISO kids dress up items such as:
Hats (straw, fancy, roleplaying, etc)
Boas: Feather boas, silk (or not) scarves
Jewlery: Big, silly looking, plastic, glitter....whatever!
Kids sized costumes (anything is fine)
Also, anything you may have that belongs to you or DH, in laws, etc that you don't need/like-ie: old work ties, shoes, stuff like that.

My son and I would like to play dress up and make believe, all that, and any of these items would be a big help.

I'm not sure what I have that you may want....
Pregnancy tests (the pee in a cup kind)
Tarot card reading (Personalized, for whole family via e-mail only-my friend does these)
Formula (I know, BFers-don't lynch me! I BF too, but I get formula in the mail all the time)
If you live on Long Island, Childbirth classes, or in the future a doula discount?
Some children's clothes (all sizes up to 4T-boys only, some unisex)
Give me some ideas!

Thanks everyone!

Best Wishes
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