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ISO-knife to a Melissa and Doug cutting food set

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I need a wooden knife for my dd's cutting food set. I bought one in the mainland and my mom's dog ate the knife while we were out one day. If anyone has an extra one lying about
I'll pay whatever you want.
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Have you tried contacting the company?? In my experience they were wonderful to work w/and could probably get one out to you, no problem.

I think we have what you need.
Are you speaking about a wooden "knife" that comes with a wooden
set of food (fruit veggies) that so they can "cut" the velcro apart?
We have one unused from a set from small world toys.

Send me a pm if interested!

I was going to suggest emailing them as well but it sounds like Tricia has one

Funny, I just ordered that set last night!
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Yeah, they do have really good customer service. I just wish some of their products weren't made in China, though.
call them

they sent me a replacement part for something
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