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ISO: Lilac moby, cheap babygirl clothes!

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Title says it! I'm on the hunt for a lilac moby wrap - I wear dd to work where I'm standing/walking/moving a lot, and slings or "one side" carriers just don't work too well. The two mei tais I made aren't stretchy and don't seem to allow her enough wiggle play, or something, and now that she's nearing 15 pounds of super-chub, my back and shoulders are not loving the only thing that seems to do the job well, the babybjorn!

Also looking for very inexpensive girlie clothes for spring and summer, size 6-12 month range. Even "play condition" is just fine for these as long as they are structurally intact, I know that once we get our tax return I can splurge to buy her a few nicer things, but for now - I'm just bummed out to put her in too many of her big brothers' hand-me-downs, lol! After three boys, I want girlygirl, darnit
! I like super girly but simple stuff (I don't favor lacy and ruffly or cutesy sayings so much), and I'm looking for stuff that is poofy-diaper-butt friendly - try me!

Very picky-picky iso request, I know - thanks for looking, mamas!
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