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medium bumkins AIO's. I'm looking for probably 2 of these, possibly three. I need something for the diaper bag but I don't want a super nice wahm AIO to put in there because they don't get used all that often and I would hate to feel like a really awsome diaper isn't fullfilling it's diaper destiny *LOL*... but I need something leak proof.. so bumkins it is. Condition need not be excellent.. loose velcro okay (I can fix it).. even lost waterproofinng is okay (I have atsko spray) .. but elastic needs to be good and no holes please.

Citrus Circles - if you have any of the other items on my list AND citrus circles, that woudl be great. I don't want to pay shipping for jsut the discs. Looking for up to two dozen.

Medium Happy Heineys - Solid color PUL or soft knits only please.

Large Chumba Super Trim - This one is a long shot, but I thought I'd give it a try. Looking for diapers made by Edie only and must be front aplix. I have a girl, but open to most prints.

Large Chumbas PUL sandwhich made by Edie. Open to most color combos.

Large Lukes Drawers AIO's - girl prints in very good or better condition.

While I LOVE fitteds in the summer time without a cover.. for winter we're going all AIO's and prefolds. I'm open to any AIO that does NOT wick or leak (if it wicks or leaks, it's not worth my time or money) that will fit a 22lb baby with a 17 inch rise and waist and 11 inch thighs.

I have funded paypal, diaper making fabrics and supplies, or I can do custom work in a trade for any of these items. Email me [email protected]

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