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iso midwife recomendation in DE

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hi. i have an appointment at The Birth Center. can anyone that has gone there pm me????????? do you get to choose your midwife?
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well...i'm not speaking from experience as a client but one of the midwives is one of my closest friends from midwifery school and she is fabulous

currently they have 3 midwives who practice, 1 administrator of the midwives is leaving at the end of the summer and they are looking for a replacement. they aren't a huge practice like some other birth centers. i do know a biggie with them is they don't have hospital privileges, so if you need to transfer to a hospital, you have to transfer to ob care, which isn't great. hope you enjoy them!
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I have been to The Birth Center for 2 of my labor and deliveries. My first was in a hospital(before I knew any better :LOL )

My mom also had her children at The Birth Center.

Dorinda attended both of my babies. I
her sooo very much. All the people there are just great! My enthusiasm and love for them just do not come thru the computer full-force. They are like family now. Everytime I visit the website, I want another baby just so I can have a reason to go there on a regular basis.(and many other reasons of course! :LOL ) If you have any questions AT ALL you can pm me anytime!
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i went for my appointment

this is my first time using a midwife and i just love it! it is so much better. i could just go on and on.
it is just soo much different and personal and more preventative.
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