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Hey I am ISO some odds and ends. I would love to trade, but I have a little dough if I need to pay cash!

Hats---My dd esp loves hats and most of hers she has outgrown, I would love some that are functional (ie solid, or floral, plaid, gap type stuff) but some play stuff is welcome also- size 4T, Also some for my son, 2T, especially denim, green, or blue.

AP slogan Tee---- My son has outgrown his and we are passing it on, so he will get Addie's, but I would love another one for Addie. Nothing about nursing as we are about done, and I think my exdh would take me to court if he saw that on her!!!
Nothing *Too* inflammatory. (Actuallly I would take as many of these as I am offered, I love these tees on them, I got mine from Granola Threads, but I'm open)

Hanna Anderssen-- Try me. I have completely fallen in love with Hanna! Addie is a 100 and Riley is a 90. We live in TX so no heavy stuff

Playsilks--- We have none of these and would love to try some, any size any color

Books-- for me, Waldorf, Lowfat Cookbooks, Post Divorce, again-Try me

Robeez to try for my son- He wears about a 7-8

Trade List

*Hanna Romper. Size 70, light green and white stripes with a blue pocket in front and a blue trim. Very slight, slight pale yellow spot in front. Almost not there. Other than that, VGC

*Nursing Shirts, size Med, runs big. One blue/tan/white flannel, one pale yellow jersey tee, very sweet

*Handmade Jewelry- I have a line of handmade jewelry, I can give you something already made or make something up to specs.

*Clothes- I own a boutique and can always cull my sale racks! Any size, boutique brands

Try me! Books, misc, etc!

: (sorry that wasn't me that was my dd, she wanted to pick a smilie.....
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