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ISO new/gently used Ara's Pants or comparable WAHM product

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I have a CD baby coming and found that my favorite pants supplier is no longer making pants for CD babies
Since it's beena few years, I'm not sure who is the ONE to see for CD clothing.

I'd be happy with gently used Ara's pants in variou ssizes if any one has any to part with.
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Allison has a new business....

I know that, but she isn't making ara's pants anymore.


I heard that she sold her pants patterns to the Cuddlebuns mama. And they should be available through at some point. You could email Allison and/or Susan to get a status update.

I know that makes a reversible pant, but I've not tried them.

Good luck finding some used ones!!
She will make them and has a TON of fabric to choose from. She will make them single layered and double-sided. I have some fitteds from her. They are great, so I assume her pants would be too.
Hello! My ears were burning, I knew I was being discussed somewhere
I didn't sell Ara's Pants, I just changed my business name. The items sold on my site are the exact same patterns I used for Ara's Pants, just under a new label. Same great fit over cloth diapers.
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I'd read that you sold the pattern to Susan from BabyByYou! You posted that somewhere

You're still making the same stuff! BBY won't be??


Time to go shopping
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I was going to sell to her, but things fell through at the end. So, yes, everything on my site are the same items I use to offer, plus some new ones. Julie's Stuff also has a really good selection of my items, especially reversible pants.
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