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iso (ok...gasp... i'll do it...) Disney Princess Dvd's/stuff. please don't flame. lol

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my daughter has entered a phase... she is still entirely addicted to shrek and all things shrek (and now shrek 3d and shrek2). She is now however totally obsessed with

Ariel and the Little mermaid.
we have it on vhs but the tape is going...woudl like it on dvd
also Little Mermaid 2 and any of the disney mermaid adventures and singalongs. Ariel "stuff" too please

also she's expressed an interest in seeing Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (we don't have either).

she is all about princesses right now so dvds and princess 'stuff' would be great. I can trade from your iso, my fsot or my store. or pa ypal if cheap enuf

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Barb, I've got sleeping beauty and beauty and the beast on VHS.. we only watched them 1 or two times.. and eventually upgraded to DVD when they were re-released...

if you've got any interest, let me know and we'll work out a trade

And, if not... I promise my feelings won't be hurt
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i've actually got beauty and the beast on vhs - but i'm interested in sleeping beauty. I'd really really really rather have dvd honestly, but lets discuss the vhs in the event i dont' get any other responses. LOL

pm me? we can work out trade for sure.
I have a NIP Disney Princess Talking Magic Wand that I will be happy to part with. I have it up on the "Christmas in July Giftables Reverse Swap" right now, but if you want it I can change my stuff, or you could just participate and get it that way

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Hi Barb, I have a NIP Disney Princess Tea Set. It was gifted to my dd, but it's not something I am comfortable with her having. I'd love to trade it for playsilks.
Send me a pm or email to floyd0402 @ (remove spaces)

I have up for sale/trade a couple different Disney girl's sweatshirts-- one w/ Cinderella, another with Princess Aurora. I don't know if they are your daughter's size or not though.
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yah, forced me into another swap> LOL
LinzluvsGJ thanks i'll pm you bout sweatshirts and shelly i'm pm'ing you bout the teaset. not that i'm 'comfortable' with it either...but it will make zoey and her best little friend ashley so happy

the things we do for our kids. lol
I have the Little Mermaid Read Along DVD. I'm off to find your FSOT list
LMK if you're interested.
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Barb, I've also got a soft cinderella doll (I think it was part of the "my first princess" line) and an ariel that can also go in the bathtub.. Lindsey said they can go away from our house since she doesn't play with them - LOL
I am fairly sure I have two Little Mermaid sweatshirts in decent, not new condition. I also have in like new condition two sets of twin sheets - Disney Princesses - top sheet, bottom sheet and one pillow case.
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