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ISO Potty Seat with handles

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I'm looking for a potty seat that will fit on top of a full-sized toilet and has handles. I'd prefer ones that folds, too, but that may be asking too much. Does anyone know if such a seat exists?
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I got a standard little potty seat with a handle on the back that fits onto our toilet seat from Wal-Mart. It was about $16, if I remember correctly. DD adores it and potty trained really quickly after we got it, and she can carry it around herself too!
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We have a Dora one and a Sesame Street one, both of which have handles. I got them either at TRU or Target, or maybe one at each. Neither of them folds, though.
Thanks! I think we are going to go with the munchkin one.
I have the munchkin one. Dd loves it. We got it at Target.
I saw a few different selections (with handles) at Babies R Us
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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