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My sister is getting ready to have a little boy that will be born at 35 weeks and he is in need of some preemie cloths. I need these to be cheap or free for shipping. My sister has had 2 stillborn babies both full term and this little guy is out of the blue. She had her tubes tied and still got pregnant... well she has a son and her new DH has a son so they are not able to afford to buy much for this baby... so if you have some free for shipping preemie clothing that is GN or boyish or even cheap please let me know this little guy will be born at 35 weeks due to her previous still births her living DS was 3lbs at birth and this little guy might be 4-5lbs. so please let me know if you can help my sister.... I will be gone from friday at noon until late sunday so i will get back to you just not as fast as normal...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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