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Iso: Rs

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Needs to be a long one, I am 5'10 1/2. Nothing designer or silk. No padding. Nothing too hot, it's for summer. Nothing outrageously expensive. Just sold my first RS to try something different. Oh, and it can't be too girly. Thanks- Danielle
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I have a hemp ring sling that is brand new.....asking $20ppd...Pm if interested...
i have a tye dye one, alas tye dye just isnt my thing.
i have a ring sling that is the blue guatemala pattern. its a moby wrap. its nice and i like it..i just hven't been using it. ill take $20 if you want it.
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I have a Maya wrap ring sling that is a size large. $22ppd if interested. I is fabric number 15 on their site
im sorry..i was wrong..i meant maya wrap, not moby wrap! duh me! ill take pix if you are interested. mine is a size med. i think.
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