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Hi! I have a stocking that needs a new name for my littlest daughter (Pottery Barn screwed up last Christmas). They sent me two with the same name! I don't want to hear when she's 15 that she didn't have her own stocking when she was one.....<br><br>
so, mamas who can embroider, someone please help me out!<br><br>
The stocking is cotton. The issue is that I think it needs a "patch" applied on top of the old name - so, some decorative topstitching is probably in order too, to attach a "patch" with the new name to make it look cute. The name I need is Sydney, the color is red, and to match the others reasonably well, it needs to be about 4 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches tall. I'd prefer a script, but plain lettering will do, too.<br><br>
I can snap photos if needed.<br><br>
I can pay you cold, hard paypal cash, or I can trade you diapers, or baby clothes, or baby/toddler shoes, or slings (I have a Rebozo and a KK Solarveil):<br>
SOS hemp<br>
Organic Cotton Sugarpeas (hand-dyed!)<br>
Muttaqin hemp or prints<br>
wool covers (righteous baby, beccabottoms)<br><br>
Please help me out! Oh.....and I'd love to have it in time for the Christmas holiday, too.......<br><br>
Many thanks,<br>
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