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ISO: Sunblocking Swimwear

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I have a 22lb boy with very fair skin. I'm looking for used sunblocking swimwear for him.
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If you don't find something used, you could buy the RIT sunguard. It makes clothing SPF 30 and lasts through 20 washings. Google it and you'll get more info.
Thanks for the info, Kim.

I'm still looking.
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For what its worth...Costco sells a Bodyglove suit for $23 CDN, SPF 50. I understand that these suits don't usually last for handing down, but maybe you'll be lucky!
sandrajoon - $23 CDN? Ooh. I think I could afford that. Thanks for the tip.

all other readers - I'm still looking, though! Don't count me out if you're looking for someone to buy your stuff.
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