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ISO:The Jumbo Book of Art by Irene Luxbacher

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Anyone have this book? Just happened upon it in a review in a magazine and it looks like something my artsy fartsy oldest dd would love!

I'm willing to trade...tell me your ISO.

Also ISO:
Mini shower
Undershirts and onsies and footed not too thick sleepers size 24 months
A carrier (I have slings) to wear heavy toddler in front or back.

Books (I am in my journey into becoming CLE/Doula)
Birthing from Within by Pam England & Rob Horowitz
Mind over Labor by Carl Jones
Immaculate Deception I & II bySuzanne Arms
Silent Knife byNancy Wainer Cohen
The Home Birth Advantage byMayer Eisenstein
Homebirth bySheila Kitzinger
The Doula Book by Marshall Klaus, John Kennell, & Phyllis H. Klaus
The Doula Advantage byRachel Gurevich
The Breastfeeding Answer Book Mohrbacher & Stock
Attachment Parenting byKatie Allison Granju
Crying Baby, Sleepless Nights bySandy Jones
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