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ISO Vegan Cookbooks!!!

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i have the uncheese cookbook if interested? 7ppd
lmk! thanks!
Yes, I have 2 cookbooks (very good condition) and I also have 2 brand new, perfect condition raw foods (vegan raw foods) books. They are awesome books but I got them right before I got pregnant and since I didn't want to do anything like detox during the pregnancy they were barely glanced through. I paid a lot for those two! Note that the "Sourcebook" has a different picture on it than is shown now on amazon -- don't know why since I checked and mine is also the 2004 edition -- the picture on mine is better anyway (pic of lots of fruit). All prices are PPD media mail -- I would love to consider trades. I'll post my ISO list below. Can you let me know if you're interested because, if not, I will add to my FSOT list. Thanks!

Simply Vegan $5

Vegan Delights $5

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook $15

Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine $15


The Baby Book - new, EC, or VGC - this would be for a gift, so can't be totally beat-up

So That's What They're For - same as above

Nursing Mother, Working Mother - same as above

Books on signing with your baby (for me, so condition is less important)

Very absorbent Medium fitted diapers new or EUC with no stains, cotton or cotton/hemp

Lavender essential oil

Other essential oils (have some already, try me)

Handmade soaps: scented with essential oils only, no fragrance or artificial coloring

Blue canoe/Under the Nile, or similar cotton pants for DS - need to be the kind cut for cloth diapers, 6-9 months, new  VGC

Try me with other special clothes for DS for spring or summer: 6-9 months - especially fond of tie-dye, overalls, BFing, CDing shirts, we use wool diaper covers

Very small dog clothes for 6 lb Pomeranian (like size 10"), he is short-backed. This isn't just for fun, since he lost all his fur he needs clothes for all seasons (this is a long-shot, I know)

The FIRM workouts (must be DVD)

Anything else you think I should have, try me!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts