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I'm making a bunting out of fleece...and i *think* I want it to snap rather than velcro. i just imagine the velcro sticking to things I don't want it to...dd's tights, mittens etc.

What I'm looking for is someone who has a snap press, and could possibly do five snaps for me for a reasonable price. I've yet to make the bunting (hopefully this weekend) but i am fairly sure it will be mm 300 weight fleece. It may or may not be lined with microfleece (I'm thinking I want the warmth and yet I don't want the warmth).'d ideally have the snaps to go with teal-ish colored fleece (black, tan, whatever) and you have experience using it (pics of dipes or whatever would be helpful), and you could do this on a week or so turn around. I live here in northern minnesota and ya see...she might need this here fleecey thing soon.

email me at kristinemigh @ or PM if you think you can do it and how much you'd charge. I'd love to do a trade.

oh, and i should add, since we would be paying shipping each way, I;m not convinced I am doing this....kind of depends on cost (I've got to get this one done!).
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