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It doesn't look good....

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...but there's still some very faint hope.
My symptoms were worsening some yesterday, and my OB told me to have things checked at the ER (I've got a lot of right-sided pain, so checking my tubes was warranted--I can't believe it took 4 days for me to convince them of that though!) And my tubes look fine, which is a relief--I was really getting concerned about that.
Basically, either I'm miscarrying or my dates are way off. Possible, but not remotely probable, as I'd have had to get my BFP on a digital around 4 DPO. My hcg was at 1390, which looks low for the 7w4d I should have been (we're checking again tomorrow or sunday) and my U/S showed a gestational sac, but it's measuring somewhere like 5w4d, though they couldn't see it very clearly. And they couldn't see anything but the sac. There was no obvious reason for the bleeding.
So I'll wait for the numbers, but I'm not seeing anything which warrants too much optimism. I'm going away for the weekend to try and not think too hard about that.
Thank you all for your support--it's meant a LOT to me.
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Thinking positive things up here...
I'm so sorry to hear it. Take care of yourself.
I'm so sorry. I went through the same thing last September. You are in my prayers and thoughts.
mama. i'm sorry you're going through this. i hope everything turns out okay
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thinking of you
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sending good thoughts your way - take care of yourself
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