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I had 3 GB attacks on Sunday and an abdominal ultrasound showed that it is very sick and needs to come out soon so my OB scheduled an amnio to check my girl's lung maturity.

We did that this morning. The amnio totally freaked me out, but I guess it could have been worse. The placenta is anterior, so it was hard to fing a good spot to go in through. They just called me with the results and the baby's lungs are mature so I'm on the induction list. I *should* be birthing within the next few days

I had hoped to avoid induction this time, but with the hell I've been through with these attacks I'll be happy to get my baby and this darn gallbladder out!

My husband is terrified (first child, first birth), my toddler is excited and I am just relaxing on the couch munching on ice waiting to hold this sweet little baby girl in my arms

My contraction went from 5 minutes apart on Sunday to 2 minutes apart today, they just aren't very strong yet. I am at 4cm, 50% effaced so I am hoping that the induction is an easy one.
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