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it makes no sense-need food, can't eat!

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Ladies, I couldn't wait to finally have the strength to get back on the boards so that you could all validate me. I have the most understanding and patient husband in the world but last night I could tell that he just didn't get it.

It all started yest morn with lots of diarrhea (tmi, I know). Then, I guess I just didn't eat fast enough or something but by noon I was so sick I could barely stand it. I tried drinking sprite, and nibbling on graham crackers but to no avail. I was extremely nauseous but wasn't throwing up. I felt like, with every breath I took, that I would indeed hurl but alas, I never did. So at 12:30 I went home. By this time all I could stomach the whole day thus far was 2 oranges and 3 crackers, a V8 and some sprite. I knew I had to eat but I just couldn't imagine sticking something in my mouth.

I got home and slept until 4 pm. When I woke up I was so weak and dealthly sick (the baby had completely taken all my energy stores by that time). I tried in vain to fix myself something to eat, this time chicken and rice soup. I heated it up, tried my absolute best to eat it, barely even able to lift the darn spoon. And whaddya know? Can't eat it. Just can't. I can't really explain why, just can't do it. It's like my body was saying to me "if you do, you'll be sorry!" but my mind was saying "you know the reason you're sick is b/c you haven't eaten."

So, catch 22. I go back to bed. DH gets home at quarter to five with groceries and makes me drink ensure and lots of oj. He stays with me while I complain and for the life of him I know he doesn't understand why I just don't eat.

Finally, he makes me a salad and I was able to imagine myself eating it so I ate about half of it. I felt slightly better and went back to sleep until about 7:30 or so. When I woke up, I was sick again. Just nauseated, and blah! Oh so weak. He makes me a chicken sandwich, can't eat it. Just can't bring myself to swallow it. He makes me a grilled cheese sandwich, can't even conceive of it! By then, he is so frustrated with me (although he really doesn't show it badly). I keep apologizing, and he just says, "but you have to eat". What can I say? I can't even explain it. I don't know why my body won't let me eat!

Finally, because I had been rambling about it being cold and hot all within 10 minutes, he puts it together that I might have a fever. My temp ended up being 100.4. I am not sure if that's astronomically high or not but I know that normal temps for me range in the 97's in the morn and 98's in the evening (thanks to charting). So, finally, he understands. I've got more peace of mind b/c at first I was beginning to think myself crazy! I knew how stupid it sounded. ["what's wrong?" "I'm hungry" "Here, eat!" "Nope, don't want it!"].

So after calling mommy (who doesn't still need their mommies?), we decided to focus on the fever and not the food since it was likely that the fever (and of course, pregnancy) was why I couldn't eat. Since I knew I had a slight fever, I became worried about the baby, so I reluctantly took a tylenol and drank lots of H2O and juice and laid back down. He took my temp 3 more times throughout the night. Finally at about 2 am the fever broke.

I was beginning to think I would never feel normal again!

This morning, tried to eat, couldn't eat much but did manage to nibble on some bread and bacon. Right now I'm eating an apple. The scale said I lost 2 pounds but I'm sure it's mostly water. I'm feeling much more normal now but I am still having very watery diarrhea.

I guess it's some bug that's going around.

I can't wait until my baby is 15 so I can bother her/him with stories about all I went through to get them here!!!!!

Sorry for the long thread. Just had to share. Yest I felt so alone and I knew that by sharing my episode, that someone wouldn't have to feel so crazy if she went through it too.
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I can't tell you how many times something similar has happened to me. It's so frustrating being hungry an not being able to eat. I feel your pain.
Yes, it's incredibly frustrating. I hope you're feeling better today.

Yesterday I was headachy and hungry and queasy. I get low blood sugar headaches, so I knew I should eat to keep the headache from getting worse, but I just couldn't. I tried and nearly threw up. I did manage to eat some chocolate pudding, but I threw it all up later. Actually, the throwing up helped and I could eat and drink a lot easier after that.

I wasn't so queasy this morning, so I ate as soon as I got up, and I'm going out to the grocery store shortly to stock up before my pm sickness sets in. I'm getting high protein stuff and comfort foods that I'll be able to eat, even if they aren't the absolute healthiest things. I figure if I can keep the nausea at bay with comfort foods, I'll be able to eat & keep down the healthier stuff.
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I really hope you're feeling better soon. There's nothing worse than being sick ON TOP of having morning sickness.
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I swear you were just in my life not 3 weeks ago. I had the flu when I found out I was pregnant and the fever and everything I went through was just horrible. I didn't eat ANYTHING for a WEEK. Let me tell ya, as soon as that line came back positive I wondered what kind of damage I'd done to the baby. Yikes.

Anyway, you're totally not alone because I'm pretty sure we all get you! Daily occurence for me. I find something that works for me for about 3 days and then it repulses me. Preparing lunch before I leave for work is unheard of because I don't know what's going to work for me in 3 hours, you know?
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