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"It still doesn't look like I wanted it to"

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Which is what my SIL told me about her son's penis, after TWO circumcisions.
I must say, it is a botch job. Very uneven cut and of course she didn't take care of it properly so there are adhesions along the scar line, which will lead to his third circ eventually.
I watched him yesterday so she could have dental work done. I didn't even want to LOOK at his penis. But I did. And I gently tried to stretch the skin a bit to break up some of the adhesions. Ain't gonna happen.
Poor baby.

What DID she want it to look like? I'm beginning to wonder why she didn't just take them a polaroid and watch the surgery herself to make sure that it turned her on when they were done.
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Splash, I am so sorry. That's just sick. Poor baby.
that is just sad and wrong. why does she care what her son's penis looks like?
I feel bad for the little guy and I don't get it how it is still legal to be able to manipulate a boy genital to their parents desire by the their wants and ooooh I got so weirded out after a mom had her son recirc and called it normal because the glans were more exposed .
That is so incredibly gross. Anyone who said something about their daughter like that would be thrown in jail and rightly so. What kind of pervert has multiple surgeries on their son to get his genitals to look how THEY want?
I'm so sorry, she sounds so much like my sis (although to my knowledge she only circ'ed once, but who knows).

Dear sis told me she was circing because " I want my son to have a cute penis"

I agree, if we were talking about a girl she'd be in jail.

You are a bigger person than me to keep the relationship going.
That is disgusting. Why does she want HIS penis to look how SHE wants it. It's HIS PENIS....LEAVE IT ALONE. That poor baby
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I can't believe she did that!
Is that legal? It can't be legal! I really feel bad for him...
( should be illegal, mutilating him like that is just wrong)
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I hope you're collecting evidence so that poor little mite can sue her and all the doctors that collaborated with her, when he's 18.
It's unfathomable how selfish, superficial, and downright arrogant some people can feel like she has a right to impose her sexual preferrences on her child in such a way, to cut and cut and cut away at her baby's penis until it's good enough for HER. Absolutely disgusting.

Wow - that is really, really disturbing. Poor baby.


You are a bigger person than me to keep the relationship going.
Totally agree.
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So sorry for your nephew

When is the best time to "fix" adhesions that involve the scar line?
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UGH...I was talking to a woman on a mainstream breastfeeding board and she was complaining about her son's circ...she said, "it looks so gross, they left HALF the still covers halfway." She too said they didn't cut off enough. Probably if she "thought they could do it again" she would.
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The thing that's probably most irritating to me about it is that the kids are supposed to "grow into" their foreskins, and most of them will wind up looking a lot more exposed and "circumcised" as adults than they do now.

But unless Mama's gonna do a check on the kid when he's twenty, how can she know that? So they keep cutting and cutting, making matters worse in the name of short term "attractiveness." Not that there's anything attractive about it.
I can't help feeling that these women are just sick...why can't they accept what their babies look like naturally, why do they feel they have to alter their bodies artificially. I just don't understand it.
So my first thought when I saw the title of this post was "how many stitches did it take to sew her up and when do they think she'll be out of the hospital?"

You're a better woman than I am to not say "I told you so." And let her have it. When you told her about the complications from circ did she think "Oh but not my son. He is going to have a lovely circumcision and look like this photo I saw in Playgirl once"

I can't help feeling that these women are just sick...why can't they accept what their babies look like naturally, why do they feel they have to alter their bodies artificially. I just don't understand it.
Because they are f**king idiots? Nuts? In desperate need of mental health care? Have bizzare past issues with men that they feel the need to force onto their sons? Thats all I can come up with.

This one is extra disturbing to me since this woman was INFORMED. If you don't know thats one thing. The way our culture is in North America you may not even know that you should look into it. But she knew. Estelle told her and she chose to ignore it because its not what she wanted. She didn't do what she thought was best for her baby she did what suited her best. That's sick.

Before she takes him in for his third hack job two words for her..."Michael Jackson". His nose could be your son's penis.

So sorry you are having to witness this Estelle. If there is talk of a third circ I think you should call CPS. There is obviously something wrong here.

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I don't think she will do it again until it 'has' to be done because of the scar line adhering. I gently tried to tell her she needs to be stretching it, trying to break up those adhesions, but she told me that there was nothing wrong with it that it's just ugly and stretching it ain't gonna do anything and if it has to be done again, who cares?

I'm just SO ANGRY because they got pregnant easily and (could) have this beautiful healthy baby and they do THIS!? And we tried for years to have Charlie and the baby we have is sick so much and we still cherish him and do everything in our power to make him happy and keep him healthy. It's not right. I know a hundred people who would take that baby in today and love him.
I can't write it off as PPD anymore. I don't know what it is. I know she has major sexual issues but I didn't think that sculpting her son's body into *her* vision of a nice penis was part of that.
She was TOTALLY informed. And she tried to stop her husband from doing it in the beginning, but by the end she was on board with it because it was easier than arguing. And now they've messed it up (the first time by leaving 'too much' and the second time by doing it uneven) and she's made it worse by not taking care of the wound and so he IS messed up and it IS ugly. But she'll defend it to the grave and cut any kid they have. Maybe next time though she'll have learned her lesson and she'll just make a clay sculpture to give to the 'doctor' when it's done, so he can make sure to get it 'right' the first time.
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