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Disclaimer: I've never read the book or discussed it before.

I think that obviously the parents are still the very most important factor, but that the "village" concept can work well for some people. As an example, I am lucky to have a large group of AP friends and I would trust any one of my mama friends to mother my child in my absence if I could not be there for any reason. If there was an emergency I would trust them absolutely, or even if it was a minor thing like I was nursing L and couldn't go help A, then I know they would take care of him like their own child and it would be in a way that I agree with. That elephant example rings true to me in my particular circle of friends.
We have even talked about it in our group and agreed that yes, we all feel comfortable with another person mothering our child if necessary, whether it is feeding them, playing with them, helping them to resolve a conflict, wiping a bottom, etc.

We also have supportive family nearby and I would trust them with my children also. So although I am still the parent, and want to make sure that my children are being raised the way I want them to be, there are definitely other people I trust to contribute to their upbringing and I think that all of us are richer because of that.
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