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I am not sure what book everyone is talking about, but I right now have It takes a village a children's book from the library. I have really enjoyed it. I have always been interested in communal living. The idea of living amongst other individuals that share similar beliefs, and having them aid you in raising a child was appealing (before having a child). After having dd, There was NO WAY, I was so untrusting of other people in the care of my child. I felt as though I could do it just me and dh, and was not eager to have other people influence her. I have watch a friend of mine raise her child w/ a village, and it seemed to be effecting her dd negatively. As dd has gotten older and I have formed some bonds, my idea of a village has changed. However, I do not think that a village works if there is no common ground, consistency, etc. (that's the problem w/ my friend's dd). I have recently chosen to work part-time at the local cooperative school as one of two lead teachers. DD will not come w/ me during those five hours, five days a week, until she can attend in a 2 years. She will be at home w/ dh for all but 1 hour. During that hour, she will be left w/ an AP/NFL friend who has ds a couple of months older. She and I have decided to work together (kind of like a village): She watches dd for an hour, I come and watch her ds for an hour. We have done some trial days, and neither of us has issues w/ mothering eachother's dc. We ALWAYS discuss things regarding mothering the other's children. Right now, w/ dd still being a little over a year...this is enough of a tribe for me. I am sure, as dd grows I will embrace more of these opportunities.

I know that as a mother, I could raise dd w/out a tribe right now. But, I feel like it is pretty natural to have support in raising children if it is the right people, and not to an extreme. You mamas should check out the children's is really great!
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